Hey, I'm SteadyOn.

But sometimes, people call me Luke.

My Projects


RTrack collects, analyses, visualises and interprets data about Roblox games and the platform. Every minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thousands of games are scanned by RTrack. Data is collected on player counts, visits, ratings, gamepass sales & prices, game sales, and changes in titles and descriptions.

At the time of writing, RTrack keeps track of 3.3 million games across the Roblox platform. RTrack's sister site, rtrack.social, offers players game statistics, game sorts and crowd sourced game codes. Combined, RTrack sites receive more than 70,000 unique visits each month.

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Toll Bridge Simulator

A paid access bridge construction game, with 120k+ visits. Choose from different bridges, gas stations, stores and road signs to maximise profit and road traffic.

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This game was created almost a year after the release of Bakery Tycoon, and has received 18 million visits since release.

Clueless is a general knowledge, educational quiz game with a twist. If you get the answer right, you take part in a minigame with the other players who answered correctly. The user who wins the minigame gets the most points.

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Bakery Tycoon

With over 10 million visits, Bakery Tycoon is a favourite of many Roblox players. Gameplay is centered around building your own bakery, dealing with customers' questions and even fending off robbers.

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Other Experience

RDC EU 2018 - Game Jam Second Place

In a team of amazing developers, we developed a side on platformer game called Lightseeker based on the theme 'reflections' in less than 24 hours. What we produced was a game where you must use reflections of light from your torch to work your way through the game and eventually to free the main protagonist, Builderman. The judges awarded us second place for our game.

Roblox Blog Post

Keynote Speaker - CREY Games

I was personally invited by CREY Games to copenhagen to give a talk about my experience as a game developer, the features of a great game creation platform and to give my own feedback and impressions on their product; a game development engine designed to make user generated games as easy as possible to make with completely codeless game creation and a stunning engine. In this talk, I discussed why and how Roblox as a platform has become so big, what makes a user generated games platform successful, my experience with Roblox and game development, and how I became involved with the Roblox development community.


Detective - Programmer

I worked as programmer on Detective, the game created by Youtuber Ant. My role was to maintain the game, fix bugs and add new features during the time I worked on the project.

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Roblox Developer Conference 2019 - San Francisco

I attended the Roblox developer conference in San Francisco, where I networked with other developers, discussed issues and updates with Roblox staff, and developed a game during the game jam. I also toured the Roblox HQ and explored San Francisco in the surrounding days.

Beyond The Blox - Podcast

I appeared as a guest on the Beyond the Blox podcast to talk about my development career and what I'm doing next. It's a great podcast to play in the background and I recommend listening to it.